January 25, 2016


i spent the first day of new year with little fragile butterflies... 
some old photos of butterfly park are here

January 13, 2016

with feathered friends

last day of the year, we spent with the feathered friends...

January 8, 2016

most peaceful place

i found it somewhere in iceland. i stayed there just for the night. i heard no sound. it was almost like zen. that feeling i want to feel again...

ps- how was your new year? did you make any resolution? i would love to hear. 


January 1, 2016

1st January

December was the most beautiful month, filled with lot of fun, food and lovely people. I felt much more lighter and happier in my heart. I am thankful for all the support I got from wonderful people around me and here on the internet. 

Hope new year will bring lighter and brighter days for you and for me.

Have a very Happy New Year.