March 26, 2016

and the spring arrived in singapore...

i was secretly wishing for hanami this year and my wish was granted.

Afga Vista 400 + Nikon FM 10

March 22, 2016

March 17, 2016


bonsai; an art but i don't like it. i feel those trees are denied the chance of growing. it's very sad. 
what do you think?

{bonsai garden i found inside botanical gardens when i took little different path.}

March 13, 2016

every time i take a different path

i find something new...

this time i found a little garden with many frangipani trees. it's my favourite flower and blossoms all  year round and has a delicate fragrance. 

March 3, 2016

banyan tree

as a child, whenever I saw banyan tree i used to grab the hanging roots and swing until my hands give up. 

even now i get such urge ;)

these trees are like banyan trees but not exactly the same

March 1, 2016

1st March

The shortest month of the year is gone. Strangely I felt it to be longest this year. I spent all weekends outdoor and found many new places but many of them were sad and forgotten. I also got a chance to view few planets and full moon through telescope. One day, early in the morning when the sky was beautifully clear, I spotted Jupiter, mars, saturn, venus and even mercury along with moon. I was so excited that i looked at them until my neck started hurting. 

How did February treated you? Oh I am just curious; is there any one with birthday on 29th Feb? Just wondering how those people feel when they can celebrate birthday only once in 4 years. 

Have a happy march <3

low tide created this small island only to disappear in few hours