June 9, 2016

light in the woods

deep in the woods, light is filtered through leaves and branches of tall trees. it feels magical. and every time i take a walk i find something interesting. 

this time i found an endangered species of fig tree. the tree starts it's life on the host tree and slowly engulf it with it's areal roots and branches. 

strange fungi growing through foliage 

fig tree


  1. Truly beautiful! The best light is the one filtered through the trees! ❣️

  2. The light on your hair <3

    It was my first time to visit the botanic gardens when I went to SG last month, I could get lost in the gardens while taking photos and could never be bothered :D I was hoping I could meet you, but I had limited time again unfortunately!

    1. thank you April! Botanical garden is very huge and I always find something new there.

  3. Woods are always so magical!