September 27, 2016

moments of solitude

i spent two days in mumbai before coming back home. i was down with cold and fever; so spent most of my time in a cozy hotel room. these black and white photos shows those moments of solitude. some time i like the alone time but that time i felt so lonely.

things that represents bombay

old tiles // tired legs

jasmine flowers

corner of room with old trunks

reading in bed

postcards for friends


  1. oooh, not a good way to be alone for sure, being sick and all..... there's a card I recognize ;) hope you're good these days!

  2. Solitude can give beautiful photos, like yours. :) I hope you're better already!

    ps: If you'd ever be interested, I've got a new blog now, I'll leave the link:

    1. thank you Mary! <3
      your blog is really looking wonderful!

  3. your photography is so impressive, i am loving it. actually i am passhionate about photography. i am also fro an fresher learner and a student of this field. i am pursuing pg degree in photography indore.