March 30, 2018

Postcards to and from strangers - Pt. 1

* MARCH 2018

It's been four years I am a member of Postcrossing. If you already don't know click here to find more. During these four years i received over 140 cards and I sent that many too. I never shared anything here so far but here it is. 

Postcards I received in March 2018

Postcards I sent in March 2018 - All are Monet Paintings

Through Postcrossing I met many wonderful people and two of them become my regular pen friends. But more about it in another post.


  1. I used to have a Postcrossing profile, good, old times! I really feel like going back to it though.

    1. Hi Many thank you for stopping by. :) I think postcrossing keeps my mailbox happy, especially when all things in mailbox are usually only the bills to pay or some advertisement junk. Give it a try again. :)