June 1, 2018

1st June - overdue post

I planned to write the post long long time ago but past one and half month was very uninspiring.

I started my internship but faced problems related to visa and thought I might lose my job and also fail the college semester. But at the end everything becomes alright. Next week I will finish my internship and I will have graduation a week later. Can you believe that two years just flew by? After that the real life will begin once again and I will have to start the job search.

Feeling really anxious about the future... Wish me luck...

Meanwhile here are some more black and white photos from the forgotten roll.

PS - I have been trying very hard to change the layout / theme of blog but completely failed. So any tips are welcome.


  1. about a blog - check layouts on etsy. There are affordable and cute ones! I wish you all the best, for the hard time to disappear. <3

    1. Oh than you so much. I guess I have to buy one, so far I was trying only the free ones. ;-) and thank you for stopping by. <3

  2. Really nice pictures.