November 18, 2018

magical moments in forest

tropical forest is always full of magic.
we found some seeds that reminded me of magical seeds from avatar movie.

November 11, 2018

life updates

many things happened in past few months since my kyoto trip. not very significant but still...

. i planted four avocado seeds and for the first time they all showed the signs of life. since then i ended up planting every single seed of avocado and i am happy to report that now i have over ten plants growing. i think i went bit crazy on that part. 
. bought new camera and hoping to take more photos with it. 
. bought monstera plant (finally) 
. bought new bookshelf and re-arranged my tiny study room and made it more liveable (and i am living in it since then, sometimes sleeping in it. :)
. but now looking for a new apartment. hopefully by end of this year i will move to new place.
. also planning for a year end trip to.... (guess where?)

here are some photos from my new camera. quality looks bit crapy because i edited on my phone.

September 22, 2018

still alive

keeping up with blog / instagram and all the other social media is so pressurising, don't you think? 
not visible on social media but i am still alive. mostly taking photos using phone these days and sometimes with my new (second hand) camera. i haven't explored it completely but surely it is going to be my favourite. and guess what it is not an analog camera.